Things Every Human Should Do/Experience

Find a mentor. Better still, BE someone's mentor.
Watch at least 1 award-winning movie a month.
Pick one passage from the Bible and memorize it. (Even if you don't believe in the Bible, it's hard to ignore its beauty.)
Read for at least 15 minutes every day.
Try to understand a person you are inclined to dislike.
Plant a tree to commemorate a special event. It will serve as a reminder in years to come.
Stand up for someone who needs it.
Develop a unique style.
Learn to write fascinating letters.
Learn the proper names of the trees in your yard (or park).
Memorize the names of the 7 dwarfs.
Keep a guestbook in your house- and use it.
Visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
Visit the Holy Land.
Give someone a gift for no reason at all.
Learn to play an instrument.
Dine by candlelight at least once a month.
Watch one complete TV series that you've never seen before.
Volunteer some of your time at a nursing home or homeless shelter.
See at least 5 musicals in a theatre.
Watch at least one old silent film.
Visit a waterfall.
Learn an unecessary skill (i.e. how to juggle)
Place flowers on the grave of a stranger. Pick one that appears old and forgotten.
Memorize at least 20 lines from a famous Shakespeare play.
Once a month listen to at least 3 songs of an unfamiliar genre of music.
Read at least 1 non-fiction book a year.
Learn how to manage your time.
Pick a letter (A-Z). Read all the words that begin with that letter in the dictionary. Write down words you want to remember.
Have your portrait painted.
Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure you use it.
Be the member of an audience in a TV show.
Send a message in a bottle.
Sit in on a court trial.
Teach someone to read.
Visit a haunted house.
Spend an entire day reading a classic novel.
Give to a charity- anonymously.
Create your family tree.
Be an extra in a film.
Make a movie.
Watch the sunrise.
Watch the sunset.
Write an article for a newspaper/magazine and send it in.
Create the "soundtrack of your life" and record it.
Find out how the ship gets in the bottle- then do it yourself.
Fly a kite.
Make something that you can keep forever (i.e. a quilt, a rug, etc).
Throw a surprise party for someone.
Make your own list of "Things Every Human Should Do/Experience" and share it with others.