Terms of Use

If you take anything from my site (i.e. dolls, graphics, layouts, reads, sigs, etc.) you must give me credit. All you need to do is link back to my site. You can choose from any of the buttons on the Link Me page, or you can use a text link. Please spell my site's URL correctly when you link back: http://www.emmysdollhouse.com

Please don't edit anything from my site. Each image took much time and energy to create.

My bases are not to be redistributed on any site, nor are they to be used for dollmakers. Do not claim the base as your own creation. If you choose to make a doll using any of my bases, you must link back to my site on the same page that the doll appears. Do not cut, copy, or paste any parts of my bases.

If you make any doll or graphic on one of my makers, a link back to this site is greatly appreciated.

You may NOT use any of my props on your own dollmakers. They've taken a lot of time to make, collect, and edit. You can make your own props or you can get them from The Avatar Palace.

You may NOT copy any of the tutorials on this site. They are for your use only. If you want others to know about one of my tutorials, you may link to my site (http://www.emmysdollhouse.com).

I reserve the right to change any of the terms of use provided herein.