Creating a Drag/Drop Dollmaker

This tutorial will help you to create your own drag/drop dollmaker.

1. Get Props:
You need to make some props if you want your own dollmaker. You can also get free props from The Palace if you don't want to make your props by hand.

2. Transparency:
After you have your props, you will need to make them transparent. If you need help with transparency, please see my Transparency tutorial in the menu to your left.

3. Make the Basic Page:
Now you have to create a very basic page (using HTML). Set up the background and text colors. Add any text you want, and add your image codes (img src="IMAGE.gif")

4. Add the Drag Script:
After your basic page is created, you need to add the following script in the HEAD tags:

5. Add the Drag Code:
Now you need to add the drag code to EACH of your image codes:
EXAMPLE: (img src="IMAGE.gif class="drag" border=0)

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