Standard Site Namer

Can't think of a name for your new site? Maybe my Site Namer can help you! Here's how it works: Pick the letter your first name starts with, the letter your last name starts with, and then pick a number (1-50). Put the three words together, and you'll have your new site's name!

EXAMPLE: My first name starts with a E, my last name starts with a R, my favorite number is 43. So, I would name my site Lovely Spring Rain! :)

A= Little A= Cherry 1= Dolls
B= Cute B= Blue 2= Skies
C= Sweet C= Glitter 3= Heaven
D= Sparkly D= Rainbow 4= Castle
E= Lovely E= Forgotten 5= Dreams
F= Adorable F= Strawberry 6= Clouds
G= Wild G= Shimmering 7= Angels
H= Pretty H= Innocent 8= Kisses
I= Mystical I= Autumn 9= Flame
J= Divine J= Silver 10= Sunshine
K= Crazy K= Vanilla 11= Cuties
L= Dark L= Frozen 12= Dollies
M= Lost M= Pixelated 13= Princesses
N= Tempting N= Pink 14= Magic
O= Mellow O= Winter 15= Stars
P= Snowy P= Crystal 16= Dollhouse
Q= Dazzling Q= Diamond 17= Paradise
R= Mysterious R= Spring 18= Dollz
S= Enchanted S= Watermelon 19= Garden
T= Gorgeous T= Lavender 20= Palace
U= Silent U= Denim 21= Island
V= Immortal V= Candy 22= Sparkles
W= Flirty W= Summer 23= Delight
X= Iridescent X= Chocolate 24= Haven
Y= Devilish Y= Colorful 25= Horizon
Z= Girly Z= Dewdrop 26= Sprinkles
27= Explosion
28= Waterfall
29= Flowers
30= Beach
31= Shadows
32= Pixels
33= Secrets
34= World
35= Souls
36= Ice
37= Zone
38= Place
39= Corner
40= Reflections
41= Swirls
42= Realm
43= Rain
44= Hearts
45= Breeze
46= Trinkets
47= Faeries
48= Sugar
49= Daydreams
50= Forest

I will not be held responsible if you come up with a site name that someone else has. Always look around before you make a final decision to make sure no one already has that site name. :)